Who the f**k is Sass?

Who the f**k is Sass?

Unless you’re top of the class and have read all of the content on the new website (Gold stars if that’s you!), you might be wondering who the heck Sass is!?

Well, it’s me! I’m Sass.

You all know me as Em, Emily, The Cake Lady, but at home I’m know as Sass (well by Nick at least). 

Nick is my boyfriend (I feel like a teenager writing that but partner feels too formal!) of nearly nine years (apparently according to Nick, I have no idea!). And for the majority of those nine years he has called me Sass! 
Well, actually it started off as Sasquatch until I realised that a Sasquatch is a big hairy yeti and took offence! Just because I forget to shave my legs sometimes doesn’t mean it’s ok to call me Bigfoot! So it got shortened to Sass.  
I like to think it’s because I have a sassy, sexy, bold attitude, but I think the hairy yeti connotation is probably more likely! 

When trying to come up with a new name for the business I wanted something that represents who I am as a person, something short and snappy (The Pretty Little Cake Company wasn’t the snappiest name was it!), something easy to spell and most importantly something that bloody autocorrect doesn’t change!

I also wanted to remove the word ‘cake’ from the title because I’ve stopped taking orders for birthday cakes/wedding cakes etc and wanted to convey that I bake more than just cake. I needed the name to show I cover everything from Brownies, to Blondies, from Bronuts, to Bruffles, from Pies to Pastries.

I feel like the new name gives you an idea of what to expect from my brand and myself before you even look at the products, read the sassy social media captions or watch the informative yet mildly offensive TikToks. Although I agree that I should have a professional business persona, I also feel that I need to be honest with you as customers and show you who I am as a person too. Imagine if you spoke to me through the cake pages and I portrayed myself as a mild mannered, squeaky clean lady, to then come down to a pop up and see the pink haired, outspoken, sweary (not sweaty!) toe rag I really am! You’d feel like I had lied to you!

So Sass Bakes was born.

Bakes with sass, made by Sass!  💕


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