My Secret Brownie Recipe

My Secret Brownie Recipe

Gooooood morning! 

It may be cold but at least the sun is shining on this glorious April morning. 

I’ve had the most fabulous start to my day because I found fifty quid in a pair of jeans that I had on yesterday but before that hadn’t worn for over a year! Absolute bonus!

Anyway, back to the blog title…

After so many of you asking what my secret is to baking the best Brownies in Bognor, I’ve caved and decided to hand over my secret recipe to you all!

You will need:

- Weighing scales

- Large mixing bowl

- Wooden spoon

- Oven (preheated to 160c)

- Microwave



- 245g Caster Sugar

- 85g Dark Brown Sugar

- 4 Free Range Eggs

- 210g Butter

- 130g Plain Flour

- 50g Cocoa Powder

- 75g Smash (or any other instant mash mix)

- 200ml Buttermilk 

- 200g Choc Chunks 



1: Melt together butter and sugar in microwave in large bowl. 

2: Beat in eggs one at a time.

3: Fold in flour, cocoa powder and mashed potato mix. 

4: Fold in buttermilk gradually. 

5: Add Choc chunks.  

6: Bake at 160c for 35 minutes. Brownie will be wobbly on top but leave to cool in the pan. Leave overnight before cutting in the morning. 

Et Voila! 

Don’t forget to tag us in your attempts! 💕

Happy first day of April my lovelies!

Love Sass x

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