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A change is as good as a rest…

Goooooood morning Lovelies! 

Hello! Fancy seeing you here!

If you don’t follow me on the socials you might be wondering what the heck has happened and where has TPLCC gone!? So I’m going to give you a quick rundown of what’s been going on and why you’re looking at a brand new website with a brand new name and brand new products!

Grab yourselves a cuppa and a Brownie and get comfy…

Towards the end of 2021 I was ready to pack it all in, throw down my wooden spoon and go get myself a ‘normal’ job working ‘normal’ hours doing ‘normal’ tasks. I’d had enough of working til 2am decorating cakes, I’d had enough of answering 20 emails a day from strangers only willing to spend £25 on a bespoke celebration cake with hand made figures, gold leaf, luxury fillings and to feed 80 people, I’d had enough of baking and decorating the same cake style EVERY SINGLE WEEK to only earn twenty quid off of it. 

So I started looking at other jobs, I told Nick I was going to quit and get a normal job in Tesco, I told Mum I was never baking again and she’d have to make Cakesicles for someone else, I’d convinced myself I’d failed. But then I went and had a chat with my Dad. I thought I knew what he was going to say already, I was certain he would agree with me and confirm that I wasn’t the businessperson that he is (he owns a successful Estate Agents) and that I needed to take a step back and just put it all behind me… …but I was very wrong! Dad told me not to give up, that I had worked so hard over the last two years to get to where I am and that I just needed to rethink. So we chatted it out and came up with a plan! 

Birthday cakes are gone, wedding cakes are gone, stuff I find boring is gone. For me to get the love back in my business I needed to love what I was doing and I definitely didn’t love my brand, business name or model, so I’ve changed it! 

And here she is, the brand new Sass Bakes!

Sass Bakes is fun, exciting, innovative and unusual. 
Sass Bakes brings you products you wouldn’t get on the shelf in Tesco, products that I’ve put my heart and soul into creating and developing, products that I am proud to put my name to. 
Sass Bakes is me. 

The quality you got from TPLCC is still here, the customer service will remain the same (if not get better now I’m not so grumpy!) and your favourite bakes will still be available, but Sass Bakes will bring you new products, new ways of ordering and a more personal touch through weekly sales, regular Pop Ups and Market appearances. 

I hope that you love the new branding as much as I do and I really hope that you stay with me on my journey and continue to support my little business as much as you always have done.

I’m not a huge company, I’m not a factory or a machine so when you place an order I remember your name and I appreciate every single one of you and every single order I receive. Your bakes and boxes are all created, wrapped and packed by my fair hands and I put as much love into a £5 order as I do a £555 order. 

If you’ve read this to the bottom you are a hero! I feel I may have waffled on a bit but the more blogs I write the more you’ll realise that these pages are where I’m going to empty out my brain for you guys to read! 

The next one will explain a little more about how the new name came about, because I’m sure you’re all dying to know…not! 

I’m off to do my stock shop now so I’ll love you and leave you!

Em (aka Sass!) 💕

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Absolutely love the rebrand!! Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you, we love your little business and hope to be enjoying your yummy bakes for a long time to come🥰

Nicola Nice

Aww Emily, I loved reading this and love the new rebrand! It just screams your fancy baking style and I really really hope you continue being happy now in something you are so good at 🥰

Forever your super stalker fan,

Beth 🤣 x


Amazing new name for an amazing company, you deserve to love what you do as you are brilliant at it! I hope the rebrand makes u all in love with it all over again x


Love the new brand! Good Luck with the changes xxxx

Jenny Ren’s Bakehouse

I am so proud of you!!! People would be lost without you!! Well done xxx

Jenny Peters

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